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Discover Conservative/Masorti Judaism in Israel — A Menu of Options to Enrich Your Israel Itinerary:


Pray at the Kotel Ha'Masorti (Robinson's Arch)
Schedule a time to pray with your group at the Kotel Ha'Masorti on weekday mornings or for Kabbalat Shabbat. A member of the Israel Rabbinical Assembly can be present to discuss the Masorti Movement's struggle to be recognized by the State's institutions.



Visit a Masorti (Conservative) Kehilla in Israel
Visit one of the 53 Masorti (Conservative) congregations in Israel, located from the Galilee to Eilat on Shabbat or on weekdays. Meet the leadership and members to hear about the challenges of the congregation and its contribution to Israeli society. Lunch or dinner with the kehilla can be arranged. The meeting may also be combined with an encounter with NOAM youth for a joint activity.

Contact: Yizhar Hess, Executive Director of the Masorti Movement in Israel at, tel: +972-2-565-8008


Meet Masorti (Conservative) Rabbis, Leaders and Young Leaders
Include a leader from the Masorti (Conservative) Movement to join the group for dinner, lunch (or other free time) who will share the exciting developments of Masorti Judaism in Israel and answer questions. Members of a kehilla in the area, Schechter rabbinical students or rabbis, Marom young adults and NOAM youth members could be invited to speak as well as to participate and sit among the visitors during the meal to talk personally with mission participants. This activity can be arranged throughout Israel.

Contact: Yizhar Hess, Executive Director of the Masorti Movement in Israel at, tel: +972-2-565-8008


Meet Israeli Rabbinical Students at Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem
Visit the Schechter Institute and meet the future leaders of Masorti Judaism. Study sessions or panel discussions can be arranged.

Contact: Rabbi Einat Ramon at


Meet Our Future: NOAM Youth and Marom Young Adults
Join NOAM youth around the country and participate in their weekly activity on a Tuesday afternoon. Sessions with Marom young adults (post-army and students) can also be arranged on other days of the week.

Contact: Omer Pickholtz, Director of NOAM Israel at; Director of Marom Israel at


Meet New Immigrants from South America in "Kehillat Hakrayot", Kiryat Bialik
Meet new immigrants from South America who have chosen to make their home in Kiryat Bialik, thanks to the unique absorption program co-sponsored by Kehillat Hakrayot and the municipality of Kiryat Bialik. Hear the immigrants' aliyah and absorption stories and the role of this dynamic Masorti congregation in assisting them in the process.

Contact: Rabbi Mauricio Balter at


The Influence of Masorti/Conservative Judaism on Israeli Society
Panel discussion with representatives from the various institutions that create a vibrant Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel: United Synagogue Fuchsberg Center, Schechter Institutes, Masorti Movement in Israel, NOAM youth, Marom young adults and TALI Schools. A wonderful opportunity to learn about our accomplishments and challenges.

Contact: MERCAZ Olami at, +972-2-625-7106


Visit and Tour the United Synagogue Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center
Learn of the services provided to members of Conservative/Masorti congregations.

Contact: Rabbi Jim Lebeau at


Meals for Congregations and Individuals can be arranged at the guest house of the United Synagogue Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center.

Contact the guest house directly at


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