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Discover Conservative/Masorti Judaism in Israel — A Menu of Options to Enrich Your Israel Itinerary:

The Mystique of Ancient Texts 

Hevrutaz Study

Hevruta — two or three people studying text together — and a shiur (a lecture by the teacher).
Sessions are interactive, creative, and suitable for families and individuals. The facilitators are exceptional educators fluent in English. Specific study topics can be developed by Conservative Yeshiva and Schechter faculty and tailor-made to your mission's needs or theme. Sample educational themes presented by the Conservative Yeshiva, Fuchsberg Center and the Schechter Institute follow.

Honoring Your Father and Mother: An interactive, intergenerational learning experience where parents, children and grandchildren talk to each other and learn from each other.

Contact: United Synagogue Fuchsberg Center at

Heavenly and Earthly Jerusalem in Psalms and Poetry. This session will explore psalms, rabbinical traditions and contemporary poetry that highlight the complex and important role of Jerusalem in Jewish tradition.

Contact: United Synagogue Fuchsberg Center at

Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai — The Controversy about Controversy. A close look at a number of Talmudic sources where the rabbis reflect about the meaning of the fact that they disagree about everything.

Contact: United Synagogue Fuchsberg Center at

The Notion of Sacred Space in Biblical Sources. The Bible describes God as filling the world and as living in the Temple and in the heavens. We look at the way biblical theology resolved this tension as we consider the sacred space that is Jerusalem.

Contact: United Synagogue Fuchsberg Center at

An Analysis of Specific Prayers Central to Our Liturgy. An analysis of the text of a prayer, its historical background and its relevance to our lives today.

Contact: United Synagogue Fuchsberg Center at


Study with Professor David Golinkin — Suggested Topics:

Why Observe Halakah: a Non-Fundamentalist Approach

How Should a Believing Jew Relate to Biblical Criticism?

Jewish Medical Ethics: Genetic Engineering

Women and Jewish Law: Changes in the Attitudes towards Women in Jewish Law: 1845-2008

Jewish Law and the State of Israel:

  • Is it Permissible to Enter the Temple Mount Today?
  • How Shall the Sabbatical Year (Shmita) Be Observed in the State of Israel?
  • The Redemption of Captives Today — How Far Should Israel Go?
  • May Israel Return Territories for the Sake of Peace?
  • Should Yeshiva Students Be Exempt from Service in the Israeli Army

Talmud: A Taste of Talmud: Law and Lore (An introduction plus text study)

Contact: Schechter Institute at

"Touch the Bible — Touch the Land. "Field trips with "Bible-in-Hand", led by well known scholars in Land of Israel, Jewish History, Judaism and the Arts studies at the Schechter Institute.

Contact: Schechter Institute at


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