At times the quiet will last for a few hours. Occasionally it will stay calm for days - sometimes maybe even a week.

But for the people of Sderot the fear is CONSTANT.

Over the past six years, Sderot has lived under an unyielding barrage of Qassam rocket fire. Hundreds of missiles have struck its homes and businesses, destroying lives and completely robbing families of any sense of normalcy in this once placid southern Israeli town.

Since the launch of the first Qassam in February 2002, the citizens of Sderot - and especially the children - have faced problems that we can barely imagine.

The children of Sderot have suffered in particular. They cannot even go outdoors to play. This constant tension has led to post-traumatic stress and other long-term problems.

Last year, MERCAZ members and supporters joined with the American Zionist Movement in a magnificent initiative - a Yom Kef, a Day of Fun. By sponsoring three buses, MERCAZ supporters insured that scores of families could travel by bus to Jerusalem, see the Knesset, visit museums, picnic in tranquility and, briefly, leave the sirens, rockets and bomb shelters behind.

This summer, just as the Qassams continue to fall (despite the announced Hamas "truce"), so too the need to provide relief to the children of Sderot and the surrounding communities.

This year, MERCAZ is partnering with both the AZM and the Israeli Masorti Movement to organize "yemey kef"/fun days. Each group is running a slightly different "yom kef" program, and as an organization committed to Zionism and the Conservative/Masorti Judaism, MERCAZ seeks to help both groups. With your support, we can increase the number of buses and thereby number of families benefiting from these one-day vacations.

In addition, Netzach Israel, the Masorti congregation in Ashkelon (itself the target of longer range rockets) is running a 3-week summer day camp for children from the area, with requests to accept more than 30 from Sderot to attend tuition free. Last year, MERCAZ supporters covered the charges for two Sderot children at the camp. With your help, we can increase the number of children from Sderot participating in the day camp.

While a one-day bus trip or a three-week day camp cannot reverse the years of trauma that they have been forced to endure, the people of Sderot truly need and deserve all the help and support we can provide. But to do this, we need your help and generosity again this year.

We invite you to click here and help support this special effort organized by MERCAZ USA, together with the American Zionist Movement and the Masorti Movement.

Through your act of generosity today we can show the people of Sderot that they have not been forgotten.

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