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MERCAZ Membership – Two Bangs From The Same Buck!

1. WHAT IS MERCAZ USA? MERCAZ USA is the American Zionist Organization of the Conservative Movement. It promotes and supports Zionist education and programs within our Movement, and it represents the interest of Conservative/Masorti Judaism in the World Zionist Organization and in the Jewish Agency for Israel, the international bodies which serve as the parliament of the Jewish people.

2. WHY DO WE NEED A CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT ZIONIST ORGANIZATION? When the Modern State of Israel was born, the new Israeli government decided to define Orthodox Judaism as the only form of Jewish religion to be recognized and, as a result, disqualified the institutions and programs of all other forms of Judaism from recognition, authority, and funding. Since the Israeli government won't fund non—Orthodox Judaism from the tax receipts of Israeli citizens, MERCAZ lobbies within the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency to provide allocations ("Stream Funding") from Jewish communal contributions, primarily from our UJA—Federation donations, to fund the Conservative/Masorti Movement in Israel and around the world. Currently, these allocations include $1.7 million in direct grants plus nearly $1 million more in indirect program subsidies.

3. HOW CAN I GET TWO BANGS FROM THE SAME BUCK? The Jewish Agency's "Stream Funding" allocations to our Israeli Masorti institutions come from sums that have already been collected in the annual 'UJA-Federation' campaign. As American Jews, we always support the annual federation campaign. Therefore, the amounts that are being directed to the Masorti Movement do not require an additional special fundraising effort; rather, they come from 'general' community funds.

4. HOW CAN I HELP? Since the Conservative Movement's ability to access the funds of the Jewish Agency depends on the size of our membership, become a member of MERCAZ USA today. The more members we have, the greater our influence over the policies and priorities of the WZO and Jewish Agency and the more our movement can gain in financial support. Visit the MERCAZ membership page.

For further information, contact MERCAZ at 212-533-2061 or info@mercazusa.org.


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