Spring 2013

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Spring 2013

Masorti Welcomes New Kehillot

The steady growth of the Masorti Movement in Israel continues unabated. From just a handful of congregations composed almost entirely of immigrants from English speaking counties, today, Masorti has close to 70 kehillot covering almost all of Israel’s geography, including five new congregations just since the High Holidays, and the bulk of the new members are younger Israelis who do not want their children to grow up lacking Jewish identity.

Two of the new congregations are in suburban areas new Modiin, one in Shoham and another in Kfar Oranim. Ramat Aviv has a second Masorti kehilla, while two kibbutzim, Beit Keshet in the Galilee and Neve Eitan near Beit Shean, have established Masorti minyanim. For more information about the Masorti Movement, go to


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