Winter 2000-2001

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Winter 2000-2001

"Marom-Nik" Describes Life in Jerusalem

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Dear Ari, As a madrichah, I have to deal with two significant issues. The first issue is the fear and confusion of my chanichim and the second issue is being able to deal with my own fears. I was on NATIV 15 (the USY Year-Course) in 1995/96. If you remember, this was the year that Rabin was assassinated and there were also several bus bombings. The recent events in Israel have brought me back to those feelings. Nevertheless, I must try to put my fears aside in order to be strong for my chanichim.

Since the violence began, I have not been to crowded places including Ben Yehudah Street, the Shuk, the Old City, and other areas that have been targeted in the past. We have not traveled much and in the last several days we have stopped riding on buses completely. We have all felt a change in our lives.

The High Holidays also took on a different meaning this year. Right now, we all live up on Mt. Scopus. After Rosh Hashanah, I received an urgent call from one of the senior staff. They asked me to return to the Young Judaea dormitory immediately and tell the chanichim to stay out of the back area and off the balconies due to rioting in the nearby areas. We were saddened and fearful when we learned about the three kidnapped soldiers. A feeling of "what next?" took hold.

During Yom Kippur, we were told to keep our radios on because an announcement would only be made if it was an emergency. Yom Kippur t'fillah had new meaning. During the break-fast, we all hovered around the TV waiting for reports. I now read the news compulsively, feeling a need to be constantly informed.

Many of my friends and relatives have asked me to go back, but this ended quickly since they understand that there is no way I am going anywhere. No one knows what will happen, but we continue to live and study and believe in the State of Israel, in God's protection of Israel and in the support of all of you in the Diaspora.

Bvirkat Shalom,


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