Winter 2000-2001

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Winter 2000-2001

Solomon Schechter Israel Trip Scholarships

In order to encourage more Solomon Schechter Day Schools to organize class trips to Israel, MERCAZ, U.S.A. created the Israel Trip Scholarship Program. To date, recipients of the $500 MERCAZ Scholarships have included students at:

  • Krieger Schechter Day School (Baltimore, MD)

  • Solomon Day School of Cleveland (OH)

  • Ezra Academy (Woodbridge, CT)

  • Epstein School (Atlanta, GA)

  • Solomon Schechter Day School of St. Louis (MO)

  • Solomon Schechter Day School of Memphis (TN)

  • Community Day School (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Solomon Schechter School of Queens (NY)

  • Reuben Gittelman Day School (New City, NY)

  • Solomon Schechter High School of Long Island (NY)

  • Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union Counties (NJ)

  • Mercaz Appreciation Scholarships

MERCAZ distributes, through its M.A.P. (MERCAZ Appreciation Program) ScholarShips, a number of $200 awards to subsidize Movement-sponsored Israel summer programs to Conservative synagogues that have seen significant increases in their MERCAZ memberships. These congregations include:

  • Temple Beth Shalom (Atlanta, GA)

  • Temple Beth Shalom (Livingston, NJ)

  • Temple Israel (Ridgewood, NJ)

  • Valley Beth Shalom (Encino, CA)

  • White Meadow Temple (Rockaway, NJ)

  • Beth El Synagogue Center (New Rochelle, NY)

See "Congregations Win M.A.P. Scholarships" in the Newsletters section.


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