Fall 2008

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Fall 2008

Lech Lecha Aliyah Speakers

MERCAZ USA, together with the Aliyah Committee, USCJ's Project Reconnect, KOACH, the Jewish Agency and the Israel Aliyah Centers, is once again coordinating the visit to the MidContinent and Northern California Regions this Fall of two Aliyah-promotion "Lech Lecha" shlichim. Participating in the program are:

  • Rabbi Peretz Rodman, a well-known Jerusalem-based educator and a former president of the Rabbinical Assembly-Israel Region, who will be touring the MidContinent Region.
  • Rabbi Marc Rosenstein, a Jewish educator from the Masorti-affiliated community of Shorashim in the Galilee, who will be visiting Northern California.

The two speakers, former Americans who have made aliyah and are now associated with the Israeli Masorti Movement, will be in the United States from October 30th to November 9th.

Besides serving as synagogue guest speakers for the two Shabbatot in the United States, both rabbis, in addition to visiting local Jewish high schools and college campuses in their respective regions, will be making presentations at movement-affiliated conferences.

For more information about the two speakers and their speaking tours, go to the MERCAZ USA website,


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