Fall 2008

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Fall 2008

"Green" Spring Semester at Ben-Gurion University

Interested in spending the Spring Semester in Israel, learning about and working on environmental issues affecting the Jewish State? If so, the Spring '09 Semester of "The MAROM Program in Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice" at the Ben-Gurion University is just for you.

The one-semester MAROM-BGU Program is a historic partnership between Ben-Gurion University and the Conservative Movement and has been designed to enable students interested in environmental studies and Jewish studies to pursue these fields in a unique socio-economic and socio-political context: the Negev Desert in Israel.

The MAROM-BGU Spring Semester, running February 22nd to May 28th, will be based in Yeroham and will be worth one full semester of university credit. Preceding the course will be a 6-week Hebrew ulpan, January 11th to February 18th, at the Ben-Gurion University in Beersheva.

In addition to the regular studies, workshops, research and volunteer activities, students in the MAROM track will enjoy the special support and benefit that only a Conservative Movement program provides, including Shabbat and kashrut observance, egalitarian prayer services, weekly sessions with a madrich and regular shabbatonim at a variety of Conservative/Masorti institutions.

The estimated cost of the one-semester program, including a three-week summer ulpan, is $10,500. Students will be eligible to apply for a $2,000 MASA grant.

For more information, including academic calendar and registration forms, visit or call MERCAZ USA: 212-533-2061.


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