Summer 2000

MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Summer 2000

Mercaz Israel Scholars

MERCAZ USA has once again funded scholarships for Solomon Schechter - affiliated schools that organize class trips to Israel.The $500 awards are presented in honor of students selected for their commitment to Hebrew and Israel oriented studies and activities. We congradulate the Mercaz Israel Scholars for 1999-200: Naomi Birbach (Soloman Schecter School of Queens, NY), Brianna Caplan (Community Day School, Pittsburg, PA.), Rebecca Chinsky (Krieger Schecter DS, Baltimore, MD), Melissa Greenfield (SSDS, Cleveland, OH.), Alex Gubanov (SSDS, Memphis, TN.), Leah Honor (Reuban Gittelman Hebrew DS, New City, NY) Dafna Laskin (Ezra Acadamy, Woodbridge, CT.), and Stan Wolff (SSDS, St. Louis, MO.), Congradulations also to Eliza Stein (Soloman Schecter High School of Long Island, NY.), and Sarah Levine and Sarah Burghauser (SSHS, West Orange, NY.). In addition, the Epstein school of Atlanta, GA, participates in the MERCAZ Scholarship Program. For more information about MERCAZ Israel Scholarships, contactr the MERCAZ USA office.


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