Summer 2008

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Summer 2008

Kibbutz Hannaton "Renews" Itself

Following negotiations between the United Kibbutz Movement, the Israeli government, the Masorti Movement and the members of Kibbutz Hannaton, the Masorti-affiliated kibbutz founded in 1984 in the Lower Galilee is about to be restructured as a "kibbutz mitchadesh", a semi-privatized "renewed" communal settlement.

Under the terms of the agreement, the kibbutz members, many of whom coming from American Conservative Jewish backgrounds, will be able to register their homes as their own private property.

Today, Hannaton's primary source of income is its Education Center, with a swimming pool, dining room, synagogue and accommodations for up to 120 guests. Many groups, including those from USY, NOAM, Camp Ramah and Women's League, have stayed at the facility, which has been undergoing a thorough refurbishing as part of an initiative by the Masorti Movement to expand the center's use by Israeli and visiting groups.

Now, with its new semi-privatized structure and its location, just a 25-minute drive from Haifa, it is anticipated that many new Masorti-oriented families interested in a rural lifestyle will be attracted to join the kibbutz.

For more information about settling at Hannaton, contact Moshe Cohen, +972-50-5504634, For more information about contributing to the Education Center, contact Yizhar Hess, Director of the Masorti Movement, +972-2-565-8000,


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