Winter 2013

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Winter 2013

Mazal Tov

To Gloria Cohen a MERCAZ USA vice-president and former president of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, who was one of the honorees at this year’s MERCAZ Olami Award dinner. MERCAZ thanks the following for their generous contributions in Gloria’ honor:

  • Eric & Adele Browner
  • Fred Cohe
  • Michael & Melanie Cohen
  • Sheila Eckstein
  • Gail Goldfarb
  • Larry & Naomi Kirsch
  • Ron & June Kolber
  • Jerry & Rhoda Rosenberg
  • Evelyn Seelig
  • Stephen Steckler
  • Rita Wertlieb

To MAROM Olami the international organization of Masorti college students and young adults, which has launched its own Aliyah Support Center to assist new Conservative/Masorti olim. To contact the MAROM Support Center, call 972-52-409-2244.

To the Masorti Movement which has published the first Masorti prayerbook for Yom Kippur. The “Machzor Pote’ach Sha’ar,” which means “Opening the Gate,” has been designed to “open the gates of prayer” by revealing the deeper meaning of the Yom Kippur service. The new prayerbook follows the innovative design and commentary of the Masorti “Siddur Va’ani Tefillati,” the movement’s official weekday and Shabbat prayerbook. For more information, go to

To the Conservative Yeshiva which introduced this past Sukkot a new project of Torah learning: “Daf Shevui.” The new study program delivers the Talmudic “daf” in six daily bite-size study selections per week for use in synagogue study groups and other such shared learning experiences. For more information and registration, go to







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