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Israel Advocacy -- MERCAZ USA

Israel Advocacy
MERCAZ is expanding its agenda from simply concentrating on "advocacy IN Israel" on behalf of religious pluralism to include also "advocacy FOR Israel", advocacy in defense of Israel's right to exist.

Zionist Education -- MERCAZ USA

Zionist Education
MERCAZ publishes Hebrew language and Israel-Zionist awareness programs for use in high school and adult Jewish education.

Political Lobbying -- MERCAZ USA

Political Lobbying
MERCAZ lobbies on behalf of religious pluralism, funding for the Masorti Movement and Israel's right to security and peace.

Support for Israel Travel -- MERCAZ USA

Support for Israel Travel
MERCAZ encourages travel to Israel and publicizes synagogue trips and community missions.

Support for Aliyah and Hagshamah -- MERCAZ USA

Support for Aliyah and Hagshamah
MERCAZ promotes aliyah and connects new Conservative olim with the Masorti Movement.


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