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The following links offer a broad range of information on Israel — from the beginning of its existence to today. We hope you will find them useful in your preparations for Israel at 60!



Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) — Guide to the Mid-East Peace Process. Click here.

(MFA) The Peace Process: Key Speeches by Israeli Leaders. Click here.

(MFA) Facts About Israel: History. Click here.

(MFA) Historical Overview. Click here.

Israel Science & Technology Site: Brief History of Israel and the Jewish People. Click here.



(MFA) Israeli Governments of the State of Israel. Click here.

(Knesset) All Governments of Israel. Click here.



(MFA) Israel Wars. Click here.


Israel Palestine Conflict

MEMRI: The Middle-East Media Research Institute — This website provides information on various subjects relating to the ongoing conflicts with Israel and its surrounding countries. Click here.

Israel and Palestine: A Brief History — This webpage is mainly dedicated to explain the history of Israel's geography. Click here.



Facts and Logic about the Middle East (FLAME). Click here.

Israel21C is a site that is dedicated to informing the public about the Israel that exists beyond the pervasive imagery of conflict. You will only find "positive Zionism" on this site. Click here.


Israel at 50 — Economic Achievements. Click here.


(MFA). Click here.

The Agricultural Research Organization of Israel. Click here.


A focus on Israel's world recognized excellence and innovation in health, medicine and science. Click here.


A focus on Israel's institutions, businesses and people whose technology innovations are changing the way we live and work. Click here.

Arts and Culture

A focus on Israel's flourishing world culture and the performing arts. Click here.


Arts, Culture and Sports

Video Catalog of the Public Affairs Department. Click here.

Photo Exhibits of Israel. Click here.

Shopping Israel — for music, art, books, jewelry and Judaica (for purchase only): | |

Art City. Click here.

Israeli Art Gallery:

This website contains general information on various entertainment genres in Israel, such as visual arts, music, museums, literature and more. Click here.

Sports in Israel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Click here.

The Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport is in charge of setting up and leading Israel's policy on Science, Culture and Sport issues, by promoting various projects and establishing infrastructure in various fields. Click here.


Hasbara — Israel Advocacy

Israel Hasbara Committee: Disseminating Truth About the Jewish People.
A website dedicated to fight falsehoods and distortions of truth about Israel and its existence. It is Public Diplomacy for Israel. Click here.

Israel Activism: The official website for Hasbara fellowships.
Hasbara Fellowships, a program spearheaded by AISH International, educates and trains university students to be effective pro-Israel activists on their campuses. This website also features various articles from Hasbara fellows, fact sheets, university campaigns and more. Click here.

Hasbara Israeli Advocacy: Your Guide to the Middle East Conflict. Click here.

An Activist's Guide — What You Need to Know to Fight for Israel's Security. Click here.

United Jewish Communities — World Jewry Israel Advocacy Resource Guide. Click here.


Other Useful Sites

Click here to link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs bookmarks on the following subjects: Government, Local Government/Kibbutz, Archeology, Culture, Economics, Education, Health, Holocaust, Jerusalem, Jewish World, News, Elections, Public Organizations, Sports, Tourism, Zionism, and Web Portals.


We are certain there are many more useful sites. If you know of any that you would like to share feel free to send them to me and I will pass them on. Email




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